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Net Zero Energy Building

The Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) platform is a one-stop shop to learn about NZEB fundamentals, build alliances with professionals and organizations, find inspiration from case studies, explore the latest technology/policies/ideas and everything NZEB. India emerges as a global leader for energy efficiency and renewable energy integration in buildings, with a thriving market and conducive policy environment for NZEBs.

Laser Turret

Advanced defense system with face and position detection

Rubiks Cube Solver

It solves for any colour pattern. It has an arm and a rotating base.The mechanical arm flips the cube


Flying and surveillance done. Concepts of aerodynamic stability incorporated. Speed can be altered to through phone

Line Following and Obstacle Detection Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot, Automatically sense the obstacle . Robot navigates in unknown environment by avoiding collisions.

MHD Propelled Boat

Uses magnetohydrodynamics

Piezoelectric Shoes

A piezoelectric generator is placed in the shoe. The power that is generated by piezoelectric generator when a person walks is transferred to the device by using a mid-range wireless power transfer (WPT) which is a Resonance coupling technique

Material Optimization of Spur Gear Tooth

Aerodynamic effects on cyclists